Prince William, Kate Middleton Baby Name Prince Louis NOT “Inspired” By ‘The Princess Diaries’

Prince Louis Baby Name

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Prince William and Kate Middleton were not “inspired” by The Princess Diaries to name their son Prince Louis, despite an absurd report. This nonsense comes from the same tabloid that spent months wrongly insisting the couple was expecting twins. Gossip Cop corrected that falsehood multiple times, and now we can bust this latest one as well.

On Friday, Kensington Palace announced on Twitter that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to name their newborn son Louis Arthur Charles. According to the palace, he will henceforth be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. While the royal family has not officially explained the reasoning behind the name selection, Life & Style is announcing on its website, “Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Baby Name Was Probably Inspired by ‘The Princess Diaries.’”

The American-made teen rom-com came out in 2001. Now more than a decade and a half later, the tabloid is asking, “Are Prince William and Kate Middleton low-key Princess Diaries fans?” According to the gossip magazine, after Prince Louis’ moniker was revealed, “fans were quick to point out the name is already taken.” The outlet notes that in the royal-themed film, Anne Hathaway’s teen character has a cat named Fat Louie who “becomes Prince Louie once it is discovered she is the heir to the Genovian throne.” The publication absurdly calls Prince William and Middleton’s decision to name their son Prince Louis an “obvious nod” to the movie.

The tabloid admits, however, that “royal spectators have a different interpretation for the name.” It’s not actually a “different interpretation.” It’s the truth. As many reliable media sources have noted, the decision to name the royal baby Prince Louis was based on his parents wanting to pay tribute to Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg, Prince William’s great-great-grandfather, and Earl Louis Mountbatten, his great-great-uncle. Both men were beloved family members.

In a further show of cluelessness, the magazine writes, “On Friday, April 17, Kensington Palace announced William and Kate’s third child was named Prince Louis Arthur Charles in a statement” (see screengrab below). On April 17, which was actually a Tuesday, the baby hadn’t even been born yet. Middleton did not deliver until April 23, this past Monday. Perhaps the outlet got the utterly incorrect date from the same source that led it to falsely insist the couple was expecting twins.

As Gossip Cop has documented, Life & Style first falsely claimed last October that Middleton was pregnant with twins. Throughout the pregnancy, the publication maintained two babies were on the way, and even stuck to that narrative earlier this month when claiming the Duchess was “freaking out before the arrival of her twins.” We debunked the contention each time it was foolishly peddled, and were proven right when Middleton gave birth this week to just one baby.

Tellingly, in this new piece about Prince Louis’ name, the tabloid does not acknowledge it was wrong about there being two babies. Now this same magazine wants readers to believe the infant was named after a cat from a U.S. romantic comedy. Perhaps needless to say, but the misguided outlet has no credibility and no legitimate insight.

(Life And Style)

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Prince William and Kate Middleton were inspired by “The Princess Diaries” for their baby name, Prince Louis.
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