Sarah Jessica Parker Having A Baby At 52?

Sarah Jessica Parker Baby

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Is Sarah Jessica Parker having a baby at 52? A new report claims the actress is “set to add another child to her adorable brood.” Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively bust the story.

The questionable article comes from New Idea, which has a headline in its latest issue announcing, “Sarah Jessica Parker: A Baby At 52!” This purported “exciting news” is based on Michelle Ross, whom Parker and husband Matthew Broderick used as a surrogate in 2009, writing on Facebook last month about doing surrogacy again. Ross’s post, however, did not mention the famous parents, nor did it give any indication that she is expecting their child. In fact, it said nothing about Parker or Broderick at all.

Nevertheless, the tabloid alleges Ross is “set to give the celebrity couple another baby to cherish.” The gossip magazine goes on to note, “If Michelle were to succesfully deliver another child for SJP, it would make the 52-year-old actress one of the oldest celebrity women to welcome a new baby.” The outlet fills out its story with old quotes from Parker about wanting a “bigger family,” and asserts, “It appears SJP and Matthew’s chance at welcoming another child to their growing family has arrived.”

The publication also points out that in the decade since Parker first employed a gestational carrier, it has “since become accepted practice,” with stars like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Giuliana Rancic also going the surrogacy route. From that, along with Parker “having already shared an emotional experience with Michelle,” the tabloid concludes “it would make sense for the couple to want her to [be a] surrogate for them again.” But beyond all this conjecture, the magazine has no evidence that Ross is indeed pregnant with Parker and Broderick’s baby.

Perhaps that’s because she’s not. A rep for Parker exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this story about having another baby is “false.” That said, the “Sex and the City” star does have kids on her mind lately. Parker has teamed up with Gap for a children’s clothing line, which launches next month, and she recently discussed how her 15-year-old son and 8-year-old twin daughters inspired some of the designs. “I have three very different children and they all have different needs and likes and dislikes,” she told People.

Parker went on, “I wanted very much to hear their thoughts and it was helpful and it was also especially encouraging.” At no point, however, did she mention adding another child to her family.

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