Story About Kylie Jenner Driving Stormi In Ferrari Travis Scott Gave As ‘Push Present’ Is Phony

Kylie Jenner Ferrari Stormi

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A new story about how Kylie Jenner loves the Ferrari that Travis Scott gave her as a “push present,” but why she refuses to drive baby Stormi in it, is a complete lie. The fake news story was manufactured by the serial fiber at HollywoodLife. One doesn’t even need to be seasoned reporters like we are at Gossip Cop to know that the site’s article is fabricated.

According to the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies, “Jenner appreciates the amazing new car” Scott bought her, but she’s “not finding it too useful” when driving around her newborn daughter Stormi. A so-called “source close to Kylie” supposedly tells the untrustworthy site, “Kylie loves her push present Ferrari from Travis but… she can’t fit her baby car seat in it.” The bogus blog’s seemingly phony “source” maintains, “[Jenner] is shopping around for a safety seat that can fit inside the small interior and on the sports [car’s] seats.” “She thinks it would be sexy to drive her baby around in style,” adds the almost assuredly fictitious tipster.

It should be noted that the $ 1.4 million Ferrari that Jenner proudly displayed on Instagram is a two-seater. And unlike the person who concocted this entirely untrue article with its absurdly fake quotes, Jenner knows full-well as a new mom that you cannot put a baby in the front seat of a car where an inflated air bag can injure or even kill a child. As universally known, newborns to two-year-olds must sit in rear-facing child safety seats in the backseat, of which there is none in Jenner’s Ferrari.

HollywoodLife makes up a lot of lies about the cosmetics mogul. Less than two weeks before Stormi’s birth, the often discredited outlet contended that Jenner wanted to get back together with Tyga. And literally hours before she went into labor, HollywoodLies continued that false narrative with a made-up story about Jenner regretting being pregnant with Scott’s baby instead of Tyga’s child.

Basically, either the site has the worst Jenner sources in the business or the blog is nothing more than a fiction factory that daily churns out one fabricated article after another about the reality star. Many legitimate journalists believe it’s the latter. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checked the site’s claims with an actual Jenner insider and, while we cannot repeat the expletives used about HollywoodLies, the take-away is that the story is fake news. Like someone driving a newborn in the front seat of a sports car, HollywoodLife’s latest tale about Jenner is also irresponsible.

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Kylie Jenner loves the Ferrari Travis Scott gave her as a “push present,” but refuses to drive baby Stormi in it because it’s not safe.
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