University Of Texas Removes Statue Of Confederate President From Campus

Another victory for progress!

The University of Texas in Austin removed a statue of Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

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In a statement made in a letter to students and faculty, UT president Greg Fenves said:

“While every historical figure leaves a mixed legacy, I believe Jefferson Davis is in a separate category, and that it is not in the university’s best interest to continue commemorating him on our main mall.”

Davis’ statue will be taken down from the public outdoor space upon which it sits, and be moved into the Briscoe Center for American History on the university’s campus.

The removal — which took place Saturday — comes after a court ruling against the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group that was working to ensure that Davis’ statue remained on public grounds at the university.

The group has vowed that they will keep fighting, though, with their lawyer Kirk Lyons saying:

“What has happened was a cultural atrocity—this is a discretion [sic.] of art… Hiroshima is coming. Greg Fenves will rue the day.”

Whatever you say, Mr. Lyons.

Either way, great to see that progress continues on places like college campuses!

What do U think — were they right to remove the statue??

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