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Florida Police So Concerned For Ariana Grande, They Are Actively Guarding Her Mom’s House

Even though Ariana Grande herself already sees the importance of going back to Manchester to play a benefit concert just a few weeks after the terror attack at her previous show, she’s not a fool — and neither, it seems, are the police in Boca Raton, Florida.

That’s where the singer’s mom lives, and her house — which is in a gated community — has gone above and beyond on extra security recently, with around-the-clock guards stationed outside of it.

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Plus, most interesting, the Boca Raton police have stationed two cop cars on the street outside the home, as well.

According to TMZ, that’s particularly interesting because that was NOT a decision made by Grande and her family — cops felt that they needed to beef up security there after the Manchester bombing, and the police department decided on their own to station cop cars outside.

No word if it was in response to a specific threat or any other intelligence, but wow — not a small deal.

Here’s hoping nothing more comes of it for Ariana or her family, but certainly a big deal for cops to be out there in full force with marked squad cars at all times.

We live in a scary, dangerous world.

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Mississippi Man Goes On A Spree And Kills Eight People, Including A Sheriff’s Deputy

Such a horrifying story is coming to light this morning out of Mississippi.

Cory Godbolt was taken into custody by authorities from multiple agencies in Lincoln County, Mississippi, after police say he shot and killed eight people — including a Lincoln County sheriff’s deputy — earlier this morning in the small towns of Brookhaven and Bogue Chitto.

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Authorities are tight-lipped on the details of this fast-moving case, but we do know that eight people in total are dead at what sounds to be a particularly awful domestic incident gone horribly wrong.

In a strange twist, reporters actually spoke to Godbolt on the scene as he was being taken into custody (pictured above), and he not only admitted to the killings, he also said he was looking to cause pain and wanted to die himself afterwards.

He said, about the sheriff’s deputy not being one of his intended targets:

“My pain wasn’t designed for him. He was just there. We was talking about me trying to take the children home… somebody called the officer…. that’s what they do, they intervene. It cost him his life. I’m sorry.”


And Godbolt apparently wanted to die himself, too.

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When asked what he wanted out of the whole ordeal:

“Death… Suicide by cop was my intention. I ain’t fit to live. Not after what I’ve done.”

So, so scary.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims who lost their lives today.


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The Feds Are Closing In And Boy, It Sure Looks Like Jared Kushner Is Royally Fucked

Late Friday night, a report came out that Jared KushnerDonald Trump‘s son-in-law and closest White House adviser — had at least three undisclosed contacts with a Russian ambassador during and after the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Minutes before, another even more damning report had landed, too: Kushner had approached Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak about creating a top-secret back-channel for communications at the Russian consulate in New York City.

The back-channel would have allowed The Donald and his then-transition team to communicate with Vladimir Putin without being monitored by U.S. national intelligence officials.

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As the feds close in, and the special counsel appointed to investigate Trump’s Russia ties continues to widen their probe in addition to the work the FBI is doing, it’s now becoming painfully clear: Jared Kushner is fucked.

And his defense for all this?!

Oh, wait ’til you hear his defense!

It’s this, from Kushner’s lawyer Jamie Gorelick alleging his client had no memory of any contacts of phone calls he made with the Russians in the last year:

“Mr. Kushner participated in thousands of calls in this time period. He has no recollection of the calls as described. We have asked (Reuters) for the dates of such alleged calls so we may look into it and respond, but we have not received such information.”

Wait, what?!

Not only is Kushner going with the played out “oh wait I don’t remember” defense — which is painfully stupid — he’s now asking journalists to do his work for him?!


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But aside from Kushner and his lawyer, who obviously live in a fantasy land, the rest of the world knows the hammer might just be about to drop on the baby-faced White House wannabe.

And whether criminal charges come or not, Kushner may not be long for politics.

Susan Hennessy, a national security fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former NSA lawyer, said:

“Hard to fully convey the gravity of this. Unthinkable Kushner could stay in the White House.”

And Bob Deitz, an NSA and CIA veteran who has worked for multiple administrations, added:

“Good grief. This is serious. This is a big problem for the President.”

Ya think?!

Jared… you’re fucked.

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Southern Rock Legend Gregg Allman Dead At 69

Gregg Allman, a Southern rock legend who pioneered a memorable sound with The Allman Brothers for 45 years, has died.

He was 69 years old.

The rocker was well known for his long blonde hair and his pioneering sound that was founded back in 1969 along with his brother Duane.

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After Duane died in a motorcycle accident two years later, Gregg led the band for the next four decades, right through their final show in 2014.

He composed major, well-known hits like Midnight Rider and Melissa during his long, exceptional career, though he also struggled with health issues over the past several years that had really slowed down his touring schedule and music career.

Now, he leaves behind a wife, Shannon Allman, along with five children and three grandchildren.

R.I.P. to Gregg, and condolences to his immediate and extended family, friends, and loved ones.

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Kendall Jenner “Limiting Her ‘KUWTK’ Appearances” Made Up By HollywoodLife

Kendall Jenner KUWTK HollywoodLife


Kendall Jenner is not “limiting her ‘KUWTK’ appearances,” contrary to fabricated stories from HollywoodLife. Gossip Cop can not only bust the untrue claims, but we can also explain how they originated.

Earlier this month, Star falsely alleged Jenner was “refusing” to film “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and wanted to quit the reality show. Gossip Cop corrected the report at the time, with a rep for the model exclusively telling us the assertions were “false.” HollywoodLife, however, picked up the tabloid’s claims as if they were fact.

And the webloid didn’t leave it at that. One day later, the site suddenly had a “source” for an “exclusive” claiming Jenner “wants to be on the reality show less.” Piggybacking off the magazine tale, HollywoodLies manufactured its own version about the supposed situation. Of course, no situation actually existed. Star made it up, and then the bad blog followed suit.

But again, the outlet didn’t leave it at that. More than two weeks later, on Friday, the online publication claimed to have another “exclusive” about Jenner “limiting her ‘KUWTK’ appearances.” Just like before, the webloid purported to have a “source,” who knew all about her plans to “stop spending her time on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’” HollywoodLies was continuing the false narrative it had spread roughly 16 days earlier.

And this fits in exactly with the site’s pattern. It takes a hot topic or a tabloid story, and pretends to have “sources” for “exclusives” related to that subject. In this case, Star ran an article about Jenner backing away from “KUWTK.” HollywoodLies regurgitated it, and then magically had its own “source” with “exclusive” insight for two follow-up stories.

The outlet not only picked up fake news, but then saw fit to add its own fake news to the mix. “It’s a fabrication,” Jenner’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop when asked about the HollywoodLife stories. And we can’t say we’re surprised. The dubious publication tries to pull one over on readers with virtually every member of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Something happens, or a tabloid prints some claim, and HollywoodLies tries to capitalize on it by claiming to have “sources” connected to the famous clan. Over and over though, Gossip Cop is told no one close to the family is talking to the sketchy site. That was also evident with another story on Friday, in which the webloid made up a tale about Kim Kardashian being “jealous” of Kourtney Kardashian’s body. Now HollywoodLies has been caught lying again.

THIS Is What Kourtney Kardashian Thinks Of Scott Disick’s Cannes Hookups!

Kourtney Kardashian is SO UNBOTHERED by the drama!

As we reported, this week, Scott Disick traveled to Cannes where he was seen with a bevy of sexy ladies! First it was Bella Thorne, then it was ex Chloe Bartoli, then it was U.K. blogger Maggie Petrova, and finally with model Ella Ross, who was spotted “sitting on Scott’s lap” at their hotel.

On Friday, Petrova shot down hookup rumors, telling PEOPLE:

“Scott and I are just friends—we are staying at a friend’s villa together. There is nothing going on.”

But how does Kourt feel about her ex’s promiscuous behavior, especially when she’s partying in France as well??

According to a source, the KUWTK starlet “could care less what he does with other girls,” adding:

“She’s focused on her life and doesn’t care what Scott does to try and get her attention. She thought it was pathetic for Scott to try and one up her in Cannes. It didn’t work at all.”

Let’s not forget that the pint-sized diva is shacking up with hot 23-year-old model Younes Bendjima!

However, what pisses Miz Kardashian off is how Lord Disick isn’t thinking about their three kids as he boozes away in Europe!

“What she is upset about is her kids and she wishes Scott would keep them in mind. One day they are going to be old enough to read about this stuff and understand what is going on. Kourtney is more concerned for Scott health wise and the damage he is doing to his body.”

But it’s not just Kourt; the rest of the K-family is also angry with Scott too!

“The Kardashian/Jenner family is extremely upset about Scott… It’s unfair to the three kids and it’s really disappointing considering Scott had made a lot of progress. To throw it all away like this is very concerning.”

Oh, and Kourtney was never concerned about his rumored fling with Bella Thorne. NEVER!!!

“Scott was looking for attention from Kourtney, but it backfired big time. Bella Thorne is way too young for Scott and Kourtney was laughing about it.”

Such a hot mess!

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Erika Girardi Hospitalized For Dancing With The Stars-Related Injury

Hopefully she’ll be able to “pat the puss” soon!

On Friday, Real Housewives star Erika Girardi revealed on Instagram that she is currently hospitalized for an undisclosed ailment. The musician was seen wearing blue scrubs, and had an IV in one of her hands.

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According to sources, the RHOBH personality suffered an injury when she was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. The insider said:

“It’s due to a Dancing with the Stars injury… She hurt herself while doing the show but never talked about it because she didn’t want sympathy. But it’s the reason she didn’t dance in the finale.”

The Xxpen$ ive singer was eliminated during the fourth week.

Although the source won’t specify the damage, the blonde beauty is getting it rectified.

“She’s having it fixed this weekend. She just went in. She’ll probably be there a few days.”

We just hope everything is okay!

[Image via Erika Girardi/Instagram.]

Kylie Jenner NOT Pregnant With Travis Scott’s Baby, Despite Report

Kylie Jenner Pregnant Travis Scott Baby

(Getty Images)

A new report speculating that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby is completely baseless and untrue. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

The repeatedly discredited MediaTakeOut published an article claiming that a social media user who’s friends with Scott says the rapper keeps telling people he’s “going to be a father.” The site makes no further mention of the identity of this supposed friend, how he knows Scott, or any other details. The outlet then posted two recent paparazzi photos of Jenner and says the singer “definitely looks like she’s putting on a few.”

However, Jenner and Scott have been dating for less than two months, so even in the very unlikely scenario that the rapper impregnated the reality star the first time they met, it’s doubtful she’d already be showing a baby bump. In reality, the site’s photos show Jenner wearing a bulky, stretched-out sweatshirt that appears to be creating a gap of empty space between the fabric and her stomach. Regardless of the story’s improbability, Gossip Cop still checked in with a reliable source close to the situation, who exclusively assures us that Jenner simply isn’t pregnant.

Of course, the reality star and her famous family are some of MTO’s favorite targets when it comes to spreading false rumors, so this latest fabrication comes as no surprise. Gossip Cop previously called out the site for its phony story about Jenner “destroying” her face with new plastic surgery. We also busted the webloid when it alleged in 2015 that Jenner was pregnant, which obviously wasn’t the case. This latest article is simply more lies from the unreliable outlet.

Kirsten Dunst Did NOT Have “Breakdown” On Cannes Red Carpet, Despite Report

Kirsten Dunst Breakdown Crying Cannes

(Getty Images)

A new tabloid report claiming Kirsten Dunst had a “shocking breakdown” on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival is completely inaccurate and sensationalized. Gossip Cop can exclusively clear up the situation.

Earlier this week, the actress attended the world premiere of her upcoming drama, The Beguiled, along with co-stars Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and Elle Fanning, and writer/director Sofia Coppola. Photos from the event show Dunst wiping away tears as she walks down the red carpet, which prompted OK! to blare the headline: “What’s Wrong? Kirsten Dunst Is In TEARS On The Cannes Red Carpet & No One Really Seems Concerned!”

Fanning and Coppola can be seen laughing in the pictures as Dunst tears up (see above), leading the tabloid to surmise that Dunst’s colleagues “couldn’t help but laugh at Kirsten’s shocking breakdown.” The magazine’s highly exaggerated report goes on to say that Fanning refused to comfort her co-star, but instead “broke into a fit of giggles upon seeing Kirsten cry.” The outlet goes on to contend that Coppola “was no help either” and should have “at least lent Kirsten a tissue” but Dunst was instead “left on her own to dry her tears!” And finally, the repeatedly discredited outlet asks its readers, “Are you surprised Kirsten’s friends laughed as she cried?”

Of course, the magazine’s account of the situation is completely ludicrous. Dunst was overwhelmed by happy emotions while premiering her new movie at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, and the actress was clearly crying tears of joy. Meanwhile, Fanning and Coppola were amused by their friends’ excitement, and certainly weren’t taunting her in any way. OK! has simply taken photos of an actress getting emotional at a movie premiere and turned it into a ridiculous tale about breakdowns and bad friends. Regardless, Gossip Cop is assured by a reliable source close to the situation that Dunst wasn’t crying due to distress. Get a better look at the situation in the video below.

People Are Now Searching For Fidget Spinner Porn — Look Away, Kids!

Sit on it and spin, we guess?

Some people don’t understand the fascination of Fidget Spinners, the toy from the ‘90s that’s made a revolutionary comeback in 2017.

These plastic toys have once again become a hit with kids due to their mesmerising ability to spin around a metal bearing.

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But apparently, adults are curious to see if these toys can be used for other recreational purposes… wink, wink.

PornHub just released statistics on popular searches on the site for the month of May, and it turns out fidget spinners were the top trending search term!

The porn site reported an astounding 2.5 million searches for fidget spinners in just a 10 day period, with females 18-24 years old being the most likely to use the search term:

Spin it any which way you want, ladies, just easy on the oral — as parents have been warned about the choking hazards of the toy.

PornHub reps noted the fidget spinner intrigue continues to grow, telling Gizmodo:

“Fascination with Fidget Spinners has really taken off the last few months. Our statisticians found that as of may May 10th, searches began to grow, with a massive overnight increase on May 16th, and hitting an all time high on May 21st.”

As for how one would actually get freaky with a fidget spinner… well, that’s what PornHub searches are for.

[Image via PornHub/NBC.]