Bradley Cooper Pushed Aside By Lady Gaga For Jeremy Renner?

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Jeremy Renner

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Has Bradley Cooper been “pushed to the side” by Lady Gaga as she “turns her attention” to Jeremy Renner? That’s the premise behind a new magazine report. Gossip Cop can correct this latest claim about the singer telling her A Star Is Born co-star to “move over” for Renner.

According to In Touch, Gaga was in a “love triangle,” but she recently cut out Cooper for Renner. To back up its tale, the tabloid alleges it has a “source” who maintains Renner and Gaga “have been spending a lot of time together.” The outlet then notes how they hung out on March 14 when Gaga performed at the Los Angeles venue, Black Rabbit Rose, after Renner was at the December opening of her residency at the Park MGM in Las Vegas.

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Gossip Cop is not sure how those two times constitute “spending a lot of time together.” Regardless, the outlet’s unnamed, untraceable, and possibly phony “insider” asserts Gaga and Renner “hit it off” in December, but she was “still engaged to Christian Carino at the time, so nothing happened,” though there was “definitely chemistry.” The same supposed tipster adds how Gaga’s “crush on Bradley appears to be subsiding,” leaving Cooper “bummed.”

It bears pointing out how the tabloid’s sister publication, Star, currently claims Gaga is “torn” between Cooper and Renner and doesn’t say anything about her having “pushed to the side” Cooper. It’s as if In Touch and the other magazines owned by the same corporate parent are trying to play every angle of this purported “love triangle.” But the truth is nothing romantic went on between Gaga and Cooper, who has a longtime girlfriend in Irina Shayk, nor is there anything to indicate the Oscar-winning singer is in a relationship with Renner.

When posed a question about her connection to the Avengers star, Gaga’s rep told Gossip Cop there appears to be nothing to the dating rumors. Additionally, there are no photos of them together that would give the impression they’re anything more than pals. Also, E! News recently confirmed there’s nothing going on between Gaga and Renner.

It’s hard to take In Touch seriously when only three weeks ago it published a cover story that falsely insisted Lady Gaga proposed marriage to Cooper. In that bogus article, which was also entirely based on an anonymous “source,” it was contended Carino “would be devastated if he found out that she’d proposed to Bradley.” Curiously, there was no mention of Renner with whom it now claims she’s had “chemistry” with since December.

Of course the story was a lie, as was the magazine’s article from October 2018 which Gossip Cop busted that swore up and down Cooper and Shayk were going to split up because of Gaga. A skeptic might argue the tabloid just prints rumors or whatever it thinks may be happening. But that’s not reporting, and as a result the outlet is frequently wrong. Maybe the publication should “push to the side” its Gaga sources and look for new ones.


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