Katie Holmes ‘Single’ And ‘Broke,’ Moving Back In With Parents?

Katie Holmes Moving

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Is Katie Holmes “broke” and “moving back in with her parents”? That’s the premise behind a magazine article that also falsely alleges the actress’ “relationship with Jamie Foxx is over,” and she’s now “single.” Gossip Cop can correct this inaccurate story.

Using a photo of Holmes dragging a piece of luggage, Woman’s Day maintains Holmes is “heartbroken” and “moving back in with her parents.” The tabloid notes how the actress “recently wrapped up filming her latest movie The Boy 2 in Canada and returned to the U.S., but instead of seeing Jamie, she immediately went back to her apartment and packed her bags.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Katie thought she’d found the perfect person when Jamie came into her life, but when Jamie declared he was single, it proved that they’re on different pages.”

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The clueless or possibly even made-up source adds, “It’s no surprise Katie’s turned to her family for support.” Then, at the end of its error-filled story, the magazine randomly asserts with no proof that Holmes is having a tough time landing good roles, and she now “has to watch her wallet, too.” But the truth is the actress has been working steadily, and while the single mom films around her daughter Suri’s schedule, she still has completed in the past year or so the TV-movie “No Apologies” and the movies The Boy 2, The Secret, and Coda.

Now allow Gossip Cop to examine this wrong report. For starters, Holmes and Foxx are still involved. In fact, they were photographed last week taking a walk together in Central Park. Also, it was never proven Foxx said he was “single” at an Oscars party. It was actually claimed by a blog known for manufacturing phony stories, and then regurgitated by a slew of other sites that didn’t bother to fact-check it. But it wasn’t true.

Having established that Holmes is neither “single” nor “heartbroken” because of Foxx, let’s look at the narrative about the actress “moving back in” with her mom and dad. The tabloid tries to bolster its premise about Holmes having “packed her bags” and “turned to her parents for support” by using a photo of her with a suitcase, but the picture of the actress leaving her home with luggage was from when she and Suri traveled earlier this month to visit Syrian refugees living in Greece. Lastly, as noted above, Holmes has shot a number of movies in the past year, and is far from “broke.”

Basically, everything the outlet claims is provably wrong. However, Gossip Cop is not entirely surprised, considering how off-base several of its previous articles have been. For instance, we busted a piece that insisted 10 months ago that Holmes was having Foxx’s baby.

Obviously, they didn’t have a child together, nor did Holmes and Foxx adopt a daughter from New Orleans, as Woman’s Day also contended. And it’s interesting how the publication now says the actress is “broke,” but fewer than six months ago, it swore up and down Holmes and Foxx were buying a $ 56 million penthouse in New York. While none of the tabloid’s claims check out, and it’s been an unreliable source of information about Holmes and Foxx in the past, Gossip Cop still reached out to the actress’ rep who confirms the magazine’s latest tale is untrue.


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