Robert Pattinson “Surprised” Kristen Stewart Has New Girlfriend Is Made-Up Story

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson being “surprised” Kristen Stewart has fallen “hard” for her new girlfriend Sara Dinkin is yet another made-up story. It comes from a website that’s well-known for fabricating phony tales about Pattinson. Gossip Cop can explain how the latest manufactured article came about.

HollywoodLife, which is frequently referred to as HollywoodLies, maintains it knows Pattinson “thinks” about Stewart “all the time,” and is now shocked how his ex-girlfriend has become smitten “so fast” with Dinkin, a Los Angeles-based stylist. After the often discredit blog establishes the premise it’s trying push, it conveniently has a so-called “source close to” Pattinson reiterate how he’s “surprised” Stewart has “move[d] through so many girlfriends so quickly.” The same almost assuredly bogus tipster adds, “He thinks about Kristen all the time,” and “he hopes Kristen finds true love and happiness.”

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None of what’s stated in the purported quotes is necessarily negative, but Pattinson did not share his inner thoughts with anyone who blabs to websites. What’s going on is that in the past few days there have been a number of photos of Stewart stepping out with Dinkin, leading everyone to naturally assume the two are now dating, and that the actress is no longer with Stella Maxwell, her girlfriend of nearly two years. With that as its starting point, HollywoodLies has concocted an angle to draw Pattinson in.

The reality is Pattinson and Stewart split half a decade ago, and he does not think of her “all the time.” Since their breakup up, he’s been involved with a few women, most notably FKA Twigs and his current girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. What Stewart does is not of utmost importance to Pattinson anymore.

Still, HollywoodLies tries this tactic of taking news about other people and then dragging Pattinson into it. For instance, the habitually disproven site claimed in March that Pattinson “misses” FKA Twigs after Apple released a commercial with her in it. And in September, the same outlet contended it knew Pattinson’s reaction to Shia LaBeouf dating FKA Twigs after the Transformers star’s split from Mia Goth.

Sometimes, though, because HollywoodLies simply takes a nugget of news and crafts tales around them, the blog ends up getting burned. For instance, in January after it was wrongly reported Pattinson and Katy Perry were “making out” in a Los Angeles restaurant, the outlet took that (since widely debunked) story and made up an entirely new angle. It asserted Pattinson “crushed” on Perry for years and that they had been “dating for a while.” It was all a lie.

The three aforementioned articles were among the many fabricated reports HollywoodLies published about Pattinson in just the past year alone. In the past 365 days, the same untrustworthy site also falsely speculated that Pattinson and Bella Hadid were a “new couple.” It’s also the same blog what wrongly spread that Pattinson was dating Sienna Miller.

If HollywoodLies truly had Pattinson sources, which his camp has dismissed in the past, the outlet wouldn’t post so many untrue stories about him. The reality is Pattinson doesn’t think “all the time” about an girlfriend from more than five years ago. He has long moved on from Stewart. It time for HollywoodLife to move on from its bad habit of making up articles about Pattinson.


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