Top Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Rumor Of 2018: Divorcing After 20 Years

Will Smith Jada Pinkett Top Rumor 2018

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett frequently appeared in the tabloids in 2018. The top wrong rumor about the longtime spouses came when a tabloid wrongly reported they were getting a $ 270 million divorce after 20 years of marriage. Gossip Cop debunked the story when it was first published, and the happy couple is still going strong.

In February, RadarOnline published a bogus story alleging that Smith and Pinkett had been “living separate lives” for quite some time, and were finally ready to end their marriage. An alleged insider told the magazine that the couple had agreed to a trial separation, and both were enjoying “getting a taste of the single life.”

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The supposed source further contended that the longtime spouses started growing apart once their kids moved out of the house, “so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Will and Jada decided they’re better off separated and make this split permanent.” The questionable tipster went on to say that Pinkett wanted to focus on her career instead of “living in Will’s shadow.”

When this breakup story was first published back in February, a source close to the situation assured us Smith and Pinkett were still together. Time has proven that to be the case. In May, Smith addressed false rumors about his marriage by releasing a new song called “To the Clique.” The movie star and rapper says in the track, “20 years of swag y’all just witnessed, stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business.”

In October, Smith appeared on Pinkett’s Facebook show “Red Table Talk” to have an open and honest discussion about their marriage. The couple admitted they hit a rough patch several years ago, “but divorce was never even an option,” said Smith, who added, “I was reading in the tabloids that we were getting divorced and all that stuff. It was never even a consideration.” Pinkett noted, “It never even crossed my mind.”

Last week, Smith shared several Instagram photos and videos of his family’s Christmas celebration. One of the images features him and Pinkett wearing Santa Claus and Rudolph outfits. One of the videos shows the elaborate Christmas decorations his wife set up, while another picture features the entire Smith family decked out in festive outfits. Smith credited the celebration to his wife, writing, “Jada LOOOOVES Christmas! I think she’s finally Rubbin’ Off on the rest of us.”

It’s worth noting, the spouses’ 21st wedding anniversary falls on December 31, and Gossip Cop suspects they’ll be posting loving tributes to one another on social media, as they have in past years. As for RadarOnline’s claim about a “$ 270 million divorce,” that marks 2018’s top wrong rumor about Smith and Pinkett.


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